Receive Natural Healing of Chronic Pain and Other Problems from
Karl and Bonnie Humiston In New York City.

Karl was trained (1971) by Ida Rolf, in Rolfing® Structural Integration.
Bonnie was trained (1975-78) by Moshe Feldenkrais, in the Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education.

 By restoring your structure and function to that “blueprint of perfection” that has been within each of us from the beginning, these methods open the door to the natural healing processes for which our bodies and spirits have always hungered. 

Our Story

The story of our holistic healing center in New York, NY, began when Karl and Bonnie Humiston worked together professionally since they got married 40 years ago. They met in the Oregon State Mental Hospital, where Bonnie was the director of nursing and Karl was a consulting psychiatrist. Each already was devoted to searching for whatever would truly help their patients; what might be better than the prevailing mix of psychology and medications. In pursuit of this, Karl had learned from a series of gifted mentors that within every human being is the potential for being fully connected with himself and others, and that seeking this is the most effective pathway to mental, emotional, and spiritual health.   

During this time, Bonnie came to the realization that people must spend time feeling safe and be inwardly childlike in order to heal, so she and Karl took some of their young adult patients into their home to live as part of their family. In 1976, they incorporated a "clinical ecology" approach to allergy, nutrition, and detoxification, giving them a holistic approach to treating their patients. Eventually, they coined the name Humiston Wellness to cover all their healing work, which includes their work in Rolfing® Structural Integration, Color Analysis, and the Feldenkrais Method® of Healing.


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