Karl and Bonnie Humiston In New York City.

Karl was trained (1971) by Ida Rolf, in Rolfing® Structural Integration.
Bonnie was trained (1975-78) by Moshe Feldenkrais in the Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education.

 By restoring your structure and function to that “blueprint of perfection” that has been within each of us from the beginning, these methods open the door to the natural healing processes for which our bodies and spirits have always hungered. 

Anyone who desires with all his heart to accomplish healing – deep, powerful healing – of any kind of physical or mental disorder, eventually comes to see that such a blessing always flows from restoring his physical and mental functioning to how it is meant to be – to that pattern, that “blueprint of perfection” that was given to us in the beginning and is always still in us. 
Now retired from their former professional practices, first psychiatry, and psychiatric nursing, then holistic alternative medicine, Karl and Bonnie Humiston pursue their passion for bringing their clients to healing through their practices of Rolfing® and the Feldenkrais Method®, both of which accomplish that kind of restoration. They would appreciate being your guides in this.

In New York City (since April 2019)


Rolfing® Structural Integration Sessions at Our Holistic Healing Center in New York, NY


   Restoring the original inner blueprint of the body to help it recover from most aches and pains.   

Feldenkrais Method® of Healing at Our Holistic Healing Center in New York, NY

Feldenkrais method®

   Improves your overall wellness by teaching you gentle, mindful movements that bring your body and mind to a whole new level of awareness.   

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Karl and Bonnie


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